Battle of the Immortals is a free-to-play action MMORPG that features an expansive pet system, a mount upgrade system, and seven playable classes. In Motenia there exist many factions, but the ones sworn to keep it safe are the courageous Paladins. These noble soldiers are the representatives of an elite order that can be found all over the world. Their task is to protect and encourage others to do their part to stem the tides of darkness that threatens everyone. Take control of one of these elite guardians and fight against evil and darkness, learning more about yourself and the world as you do. The great city of Atlantis hangs in the balance as its heroes make a stand against the city’s deadliest foe to date. Is this end for the city of Atlantis and the coming of Ragnarok? Find out and see.

Battle of the Immortals Key Features

Seven Classes - Choose from a variety of powerful heroes; Berzerker, Champion, Heretic, Magus, Slayer, Summoner, and Marksman.

Unique Soul Gear - Sets of animated gear tailored to each class that grow and change appearance as your character advances.

Intricate Pet System - Customize pets and capture virtually any monster in the game! Can you catch 'em all?

Fight For Territory - Join a guild and fight against other guilds for control of territory and resources.

Upgradeable Mounts - Customize and upgrade your mount as you gain experience, unlocking new skills and abilities!

Deep And Deadly Dungeons - Explore a wide array of dangerous dungeons and earn powerful items by defeating challenging bosses!