Battle Splash is a is a non-violent team-based third person water shooter filled with chaotic splashes that everyone can enjoy together! Enjoy light-hearted gameplay that players of all ages and tastes can enjoy together. Get ready for a blend of colorful anime-like graphics and endearing characters with fast paced shooter gameplay! Take your pick of characters and get into the match; every character fulfils a typical shooter role, but does so with the harmless power of water. Large levels encourage exploration and teamwork, while plenty of hiding places and cover allows for those who like to hunt and ambush. Get ready to make a splash!

Battle Splash Key Features

Fun And Harmless Gameplay - Battle Splash offers fans of competitive gameplay a non-violent and light-hearted way to get their game on. Shoot each other with water in a game safe for young and old players alike.

Water Splash Mechanics - No one dies or gets hurt in Battle Splash. Water splashes and bounces off of surfaces, changing the area of effect. Don't worry about getting wet; just run to dry off!

Colorful Characters - Will you choose Pentaga the healer, or Trianga the engineer? Will you snipe enemies from afar as Temiko, or power your way through them with Quadra? Take your pick!

Shooter Tactics - Work with - or against - the other players in a number of ways. Pick your way from cover to cover and ambush them, or run them down with power and pure brute force - and water. Teamwork is key to victory!