Battle Teams is a battle-royale style first person shooter for browser and mobile devices which sees players fight solo or in teams to be the last one(s) standing. Hang glide from a transport aircraft into the vast battle arena and get ready to get your game on. Loads of different game modes and maps await, but by far the most popular is Ultimate Survival mode. In Ultimate Survival mode, the game's most popular match type, you must seek out weapons and items, avoid or dispatch your enemies, and stay ahead of the ever encroaching clouds of poisonous gas if you hope to make it out alive. You can go at it alone, or you can join up with teammates, and whichever you prefer, you can even climb through a ladder ranking system. Battle Teams boasts a huge player base in China of over 300 million users.

Battle Teals Key Features

Lots Of Game Modes - A wide array of different game modes are on offer. Big Head Hero, Blade Runner, Mecha Battle, Ultimate Mutation, and a lot more classic modes await!

Ultimate Survival - Ultimate Survival mode is Battle Teams' take on the popular Battle Royale shooter model. Enter a shrinking arena and search out weapons and gear, and fight to be the last one standing. It's all about chicken dinner.

Play Smarter - Use cover to hide from your opponents and take shots of opportunity. Await in hidden silence as your enemies kill one another. When the time is right, make your move.

Solo Or Team Play - You can play alone, biding your time and striking only when advantage is on your side. Or you can play as a team, and be stronger together!