BattleBeasts is a Battle Royale style shooter which puts you into the shoes of one of 100 prisoners who have escaped from their spaceborne prison and landed on a nearby planet. However, you're not just recently escaped inmates from a space prison; you're also all animals! You are foxes, raccoons, wolves, tigers, and other forms of "beasts" all fighting for survival on a small island. Now you must fight tooth and nail (and tail and claw) for your chance to go through the evacuation portal, and maybe get out of all of this alive. The fur will fly in this unusual science fiction battle royale!

BattleBeasts Key Features

Fight To Survive - It's a dog eat dog world, and only one of you can escape this place. Gear up and get ready to fight! Whether you try to mow down all of your enemies or wait for them to kill one another, you'd best have a plan.

Get The Gear - Load up on guns! To fight your way to that evacuation portal, you're gonna need firepower. Seek out the guns and items you need and then turn them on your enemies.

You're All Animals - You're all beasts! Choose one of a number of different types of anthropomorphized animals and let your wild side free. From warrior raccoons to terrible tigers to sly foxes, it's a jungle out there.