Battlefield 1 is a first person shooter set in World War I which immerses players in the chaos and action of the first modern global war. It is the fourteenth installment in the Battlefield franchise and can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, From the terror and filth of trench warfare to aerobatic air to air combat in the world's first warplanes to the dawn of such inventions as the tank, chemical weapons, and machine guns, Battlefield 1 recreates World War I in a way never experienced before. With an immersive single player campaign and myriad multiplayer modes, one thing is certain; when the dust from this one settles, the world will never be the same!

Battlefield 1 Key Features

Battle Across The World - From the deserts of Arabia to the idyllic Alps to the horrors of the Western Front, you can experience the world in which the Great War was fought as never before!

Pick Your Class - From helpful Medics to powerful Assault types, which class will you prefer, and how will you use it? Teamwork is paramount in Battlefield 1; whatever you pick, be prepared to play your part!

Vehicles Aplenty - From horses and tanks to biplanes and battleships, vehicles of all sorts saw use during the period, and you can take control of them. You can even pilot a huge airship and rain death from above on your enemies, or thunder through the countryside on an armored train.

Period Weapons - From bolt action rifles and grenades, to machine guns and mustard gas, to shovels, bayonets, and trench clubs, World War I combat was bloody and brutal. Melee weapons in particular have seen a rework, and are now divided into heavy and light categories. Be ready to fight with anything!

SIngle And Multiplayer - Play through the epic single player campaign to learn the story and get a glimpse of the Great War firsthand, or step into multiplayer action with - and against - players from around the world. Can you climb through the ranks to the top of the leaderboards?