Battlegun is a fast paced online first person shooter with cartoonish graphics that combines elements of arena and town shooters, team combat, and modern FPS gameplay. Inspired by game like TF2 and other more light-hearted titles, Battlegun mixes and mashes these diverse genres together to create a whole new experience. Choose your character from a diverse cast, each with diverse skills and suiting diverse playstyles. Set up a room and a game, and get ready to take on the other team! Fight across diverse maps, spend time with friends new and old, and enjoy fast paced yet light hearted shooter fun!

Battlegun Key Features

Online Fun For Everyone - Jump in a match and play with friends anytime and just focus on having fun. A wide range of characters await, and each one suits a different taste or playstyle, so there's something - and someone - for everyone!

Insane Combat - Battlegun is far from realistic. Many characters are capable of reaching high speeds through the use of their abilities! Sprint, wall jump, dash and dodge, evade attacks, and zoom around the map.

Diverse Gameplay Modes - Different game modes and maps ensure more variety. Play in team matches, or try to be the first one to amass a set number of kills in deathmatch mode. Whatever you do, it'll be fun, and it'll be fast!