BattleKnight is a free to play Browser-Based MMORPG that allows you to assume the role of a Medieval Knight, offering the ability to complete missions for Lords, compete in duels, and rise through the ranks of Knighthood. The world of BattleKnight is not just about romance and honor; it's about battles and duty, about tournaments and duels, about glory gained on the field of battle. The only things upon which a knight can depend is their weapons and armor, their courage and skill at arms. Do you have the determination and drive to test your mettle, and claim your rightful place in the knight's hall of fame? Whether you choose the path of the shining beacon of light and justice, or the path of tyranny and rule by might, one thing is for sure; your sword and shield best be prepared!

BattleKnight Key Features

Light Or Dark - BattleKnight also allows you to choose an alignment, either good or evil, and specifically tailor your Knight suit your personal style.Will you be the light or the darkness?

Test Your Mettle - Engage in duels, tournaments, and quests, and prove yourself on all fields of challenge! Fearsome medieval combat is not for the faint of heart; steel yourself!

Immersive World - Truly become the knight, with immersive graphics and engaging gameplay. Unlike many other Browser-Based titles, many of them characters and elements in BattleKnight are offered in full 3D.