Battleline: Steel Warfare, also known simply as Battleline, is a free to play first-person RTS and tank shooter by Bandai Namco Games. It combines elements of first-person tank shooting with aspects of strategy games, such as emphasis on unit movement and tactics. You can select one powerful tank or command an entire squad of smaller tanks for strategic combat. The diversity of tank-types, formations, skills, and items create an endless array of strategy that can be utilized by players. If you've ever wanted to see how well an M1 fares against a platoon of Panzer IVs, now is your chance. Push the Battle Line into the enemy base and claim victory over your territory! Battle other divisions and nations! Conquer the world.

Battleline: Steel Warfare Key Features:

Strategy At All Levels - Only by winning strategic contests at every level is complete victory possible. From tank sniping all the way to country by country invasion, Battleline delivers what RTS and tank shooter fans want, and you must be able to plan as well as shoot to do well!

Tanks From All Eras - Battleline is the only game that brings tanks from the inception of armored warfare to modern day. Tanks from the earliest days can fight alongside modern armor at any time!

Fearsome Battles - Battleline mode allows you and your teammates to advance the Forward Edge of the Battle Area as a team! Leave no one behind as you

Take Command - It's not just you on the Battleline. You can command more than one tank in all of your battles. Create tank teams that can not only attack but scout the enemy in lightning fast recons, pursue them in vicious counter-attacks or act as the battalion defender!