Battlerite is a PvP team-based arena brawler which is a unique combination of a top-down shooter with a fast paced fighting game. Take part in highly competitive, adrenaline-fueled 2v2 and 3v3 battles. Engage in quick and intense action as you take control over one of several champions, each with their own special abilities. Dodge bullets and pull off massive ultimate attacks with the use of unique WASD movement & cursor based aiming. It’s all about skill-shots, timing and reaction. Welcome to a world where champions dedicate their lives to the arena. Welcome to Battlerite!

Battlerite Key Features

Fast Paced Arena Combat - Become the greatest of your kind in 10-15 minute explosive battles of reaction. It doesn't matter if you are a veteran or a rookie on a rampage, all champions have the same fighting chance. This is top down brawling in its purest form.

Choose Your Champion - Select from a wide roster of fun and powerful characters, and step into the arena. From dark sorcerer Ashka to unpredictable alchemist Lucie to the deadly and swift Taya, no two are alike. Who will be your champion?

Show Your Style - Show off your skills in style. From weapons to victory stances, there’s a huge variety of cosmetic customizations to make you stand out from the crowd.

Skill-Based Action Combat - Step up to the challenge and enter the ultimate proving ground in 2v2 and 3v3 matches. It’s all about timing and precision. Predictability leads to punishment, one wrong move and it’s all over. This is fighting in its purest form.

Perform Amazing Attacks - Gain strength and unlock powers by performing ancient rites. Pick your rites to counter your opponents and strategically customize your play style as the match progresses.

Immersive Experience - Battlerite is an action-packed Team Arena Brawler focused on competitive PvP combat. Fight side by side with teammates to the sound of the roaring crowd in vibrant, colosseum-style surroundings. Welcome to a world where champions dedicate their lives to the arena.

Intense Bullet-Time System - Take advantage of the thrilling bullet time system, allowing you to re-think your next decision after every take-down. Drift through the memories of your favorite action movies whilst ducking deadly attacks in slow-motion.