BattleRush 2 is a World War II themed open world survival type shooter with crafting elements, zone control, vehicles, and loads of combat. You step into the shoes - err, boots - of a Soviet or German soldier, fighting on the Eastern Front. Your first objectives are simple ones; seek out food, water, and supplies, and try to stay alive. However, you also can take control of 25 square kilometers of terrain and claim it as your own! Work together with other players and build defensive works, stockpile weapons and supplies, and even obtain tanks, trucks, and armored vehicles. If you like survival shooters or World War II themed games in general, BattleRush 2 might be a game for you.

BattleRush 2 Key Features

Destroy And Create - The environment is destructible, so any house, fence, or barn that's in your way need not be in your way for long. However, in addition to destroying, you can create; build bunkers, defensive guns, and more.

Loads Of Vehicles - From trucks to carry wood and stone to construction projects to tanks and self propelled guns, loads of vehicles are at your disposal. Engage in tank battles, support infantry advances, or just have fun and drive fast!

Fight For Control - Team up with your allies and attack enemy positions. Whether you want to harass them with sniper fire or overrun them with tanks, the game is all about thrilling World War II combat.