BattleSouls is a free to play online fantasy action game, in which you must destroy your opponent's soul crystals before they destroy yours. Fight over these legendary crystals in fast paced team battles with both melee and ranged combatants, and with an extra feature; every player brings a loadout of three heroes to every fight, and is free to switch between them at any time! The ability to switch between characters at any time, and thus gain access to their special skills and passive abilities, opens up a whole new world of strategic depth and possibilities, and enables teams to plan strategies capable of overcoming many different sorts of obstacles. Can you build the best team and lead them to victory?

BattleSouls Key Features

Game Anytime - A game of BattleSouls is designed to last 10-15 minutes, and players can enter and leave games at any time; you never need to wait around for a map to fill.

Three Are Better Than One - Every player brings a group of three characters known as a "loadout" to every battle, and may switch between them at any time, thus gaining access to all of their skills and abilities whenever you require them!

Five Different Classes - Do you prefer to beat your enemy with a sword, or would you rather throw fireballs at them? From tough Knights to long range, damaging Wizards, each character class has their own active and passive skills.