Beast Brawlers is a free to play multiplayer battle arena for mobile devices where you fight against other players from around the world in monster rider vs monster rider battles. Every monster has unique strengths and skills, and you can ride them into free-for-all and 2 vs 2 PvP matches! Each Beast Rider controls their own beast - and their own destiny - and battles for fans in a highly charged Arena - all in 2 minutes! Take part in highly competitive, adrenaline fueled battles inspired by MOBA esports - will you and your beast become stars in the Arena? Climb through numerous divisions on your way to the top, and become a champion!

Beast Brawlers Key Features

Intense Multiplayer Battles - You and 3 other Beast Riders enter the arena, in either free for all or 2 vs 2 matches. The battles are short - only two minutes - and the fun is intense!

Collect Beasts - A wide array of fantastic beasts await, from Dragons and Phoenixes to Horses and wild Hogs! Each one has unique active and passive skills, and delivers a unique experience.

Climb The Ranks - Battle your way through 12 different divisions, earning rewards as you go. Only the very best Beast Brawlers can reach the top!

Battle With Your Clan - Form a clan and fight in special clan battles for special rewards. You and your teammates will share in the glow of victory - or the agony of defeat.