Berserk the Cataclysm is an free-to-play MMO collectible card game in which you will have to prove your strategic skills by creating your own squads, Berserk’s very own card decks. Command your squads, defend your territory and lead your cards to the victory on epic battles. Take part on the Clan Wars, explore the Map and prove your skills on the Tournaments. Join it and conquer the Ungar's throne! Learn to master your cards, and how to plan your deck and your strategy to get the maximum use out of every card you play. All of the emphasis in Berserk the Cataclysm is strategic, because the battle itself is automatic; the decisions must all be made before the battle. Can you plan and construct your deck well enough to deal with any threats and fight through to victory?

Berserk The Cataclysm Key Features

Automatic Battle - Yes, automatic! It may seem strange, but you’ll soon get a hang of it. Berserk is a game of strategy before the battle so you can focus on really knowing your cards. The automatic battle will allow you to enjoy even more without having to wait nor stress, and it makes the game more interesting!

Create Your Strategy– Decide how you would like to play with your squads. Do you wand fast cards that hinder your enemies quickly, or does the number of crystals not bother you? Why don’t you try combining elements?

Watch Your Island – Your Ungar territories will provide you with Imperials and experience to better your cards. Watch out for them and prevent them from being conquered by barbarians or other players!

Explore The Battle Menu – Daily missions, campaigns, Tournaments and challenges await you in Laar. Face the battle, claim the glory!

Get Into The War! – There is nothing better in the life of an Ungar than the Clan Wars. Fight to dominate the map and achieve your prize!