Beyond The Destiny is a sci-fi sandbox that combines aspects of a classic shooter with third-person and real-time strategy, in an open game universe with an unlimited number of star systems. Players in Beyond The Destiny can explore an infinite number of alien worlds, and they may also use the cutting edge technology available to their characters to modify the planet's terrain, weather, and other features. The universe of Beyond The Destiny is very humanocentric, and it is based on the probable development of real-world technology over time; no mythical alien race has been found which gifted mankind with spaceflight or other high-tech wizardry. Explore. Create. Overcome. The universe lays open before you.

NOTE: Beyond the Destiny's developer has abandoned the game.

Beyond The Destiny Game Features

Unique Combination Of Genres - With the focus on exploration and alliance building of an MMO, and the resource management and construction aspects of an RTS, Beyond The Destiny provides players with a fun blend of these two popular game styles in one infinite universe

High Tech Universe - Players may use cutting edge construction and terraforming equipment to modify worlds to suit their needs, or they can research weapon components and machinery parts to build something tailor made to a specific task.

Survive And Thrive - Hostile worlds offer unique environmental challenges, with different conditions mandating a different player approach. Work alongside other players to form alliances and trade federations, and direct the evolution of the galaxy.