Big Drunk Satanic Massacre, or BDSM for short, is the ultimate action-packed and booze-fueled satanic game experience which puts you in the footsteps - err, hoofprints - of the Devil's actual son. You are literally the spawn of Satan, and that's the good news. The bad news? Hell is being overrun with Human Military Forces. Loads of your fellow demons are being mercilessly slaughtered for burgers by the Big Wack fast food franchise. All the girls you used to know went to work in fancy-ass cathouses they won’t let you into anymore. And there's even rumors of Third Reich ponies prancing about. This isn't the Hell you have come to know, so it's time to do something about it. Its time to get drunk and raise Hell!

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre Key Features

Save Hell - You are single handedly responsible for saving Hell from the most terrifying denizens it has ever known - people. Fight through four hellish levels, kill these invaders, and save Hell.

RPG Elements - As you play through the game, you learn the tale of Lou, the game's main character. You are Satan's son on a one-demon crusade to get drunk, save your demon princess, and kick these intruders the Hell out of here!

Kill Em All - Each level is dominated by a powerful boss, which must be fought across multiple stages. Be warned; anyone powerful enough to take over Hell is no one to underestimate.