Black Squad is a military first-person-shooter game which delivers realistic and dynamic graphics, 10 different game modes, and immersive gameplay. Enter a covert and dangerous war between shadowy syndicates and powerful corporations, a world where unexplained disappearances and attacks have become commonplace. Viper Circle is a ruthless organization operating under the guise of a legitimate business, but who are secretly recruiting criminal forces from all around the world. Due to their inability to handle such an enemy, members of the UN have banded together to form the Global Anti-Terrorist Taskforce formally known as Peacemaker. Now you must choose a side and get into the battle. Will you fight for freedom, or for oppression?

Black Squad Key Features

Modern First Person Shooter - Enter a hypermodern war with the latest in guns, gadgets, and gear. Warfare has never been so fast paced and dangerous; can you handle the pressure?

Diverse Game Modes - Try your hand at 10 different game modes, from classics like deathmatch to massive online battles. Will you have a favorite game type, or will you master them all?

Immersive Experience - With stunning graphics, dynamic animations, and gripping gameplay, Black Squad will draw you in. Experience the action of a modern shooter like never before - for free!