Blackroom is a sci-fi first person shooter from independent studio Night Work Games and created by gaming industry legends John Romero and Adrian Carmack. Blackroom provides an intense FPS experience, and is designed to emulate classic FPS shooters like Quake. Sometime in the future, the HOXAR company has made a name for themselves in the virtual and alternate reality fields, and they allow users to experience intense and vivid virtual worlds. However, the system has a malfunction, and begins to behave in unpredictable and terrifying ways. Players step into the role of Dr. Santiago Sonora, a chief project engineer, and must unravel the cause of these terrifying malfunctions and try to mitigate the damage. Players can experience the extensive single player campaign, or they can enter a variety of multiplayer modes and show their stuff to players around the world!

Blackroom Key Features

Immersive Holographic World - Fight your way through this lethal virtual world, where every hologram and image is as lethal as any real-world object. Due to the virtual setting, expect to visit worlds that would be impossible in reality based shooters.

Alter The World - Players can actually shape the virtual world, and doing so is the road to victory in many instances. Use the Boxel device to alter the world around you and beat the odds!

Skill Based Gameplay - Blackroom is a spiritual successor to those first gen FPS games, where speed, positioning, and management of resources were the path to victory, not running around with a knife.