BlackShot is a Free-to-Play Tactical MMOFPS which throws players into intense PvP matches over four different game modes on a huge list of maps. Each map is strategically designed requiring teamwork and skill to overcome opponents. Level up and advance your character in order to unlock new gear, weapons, and new tactical skills which could be the difference between winning and losing. Black Shot offers a more strategical experience compared to your regular twitch shooters, with more emphasis on planning, teamwork, and positioning. Step into the shoes of an elite mercenary and prove yourself in combat across huge maps, diverse game modes, and in all sorts of roles and situations. Do you have the guts to get the job done, and the wits to think on your feet?

BlackShot Key Features

Become One Of The Elite - Immerse yourself in this free to play shooter and prove yourself among the best of the best. It takes both twitch skills and sound planning to excel here; can you live up to the challenge?

Huge Maps, Diverse Modes - Explore the huge open maps and participate in every sort of match, from classic deathmatch and capture the flag modes to new escort modes.

Get The Gear - Level up and unlock the best weapons and equipment, from guns to chainsaws to a pipe wrench. Use a mix of tactics, planning, and skill to annihilate your opponents!