Blast Out is an arcade-style brawler arena game that captures the raw joy and hilarity created when fast-paced reflexes meet over-the-top core gameplay mechanics. Learn how to best use your skills and master the dynamic fighting style they allow. Battle across a wide range of different arenas, where the very environment itself is often out to get you. Featuring a deep but fun combat system, Blast Out lets you outthink, outplay, and sometimes just outluck your opponents. Create your character's loadout, leap into intense close-quarters combat, dodge traps and hazards, and simply have a load of action-packed fun.

Blast Out Key Features

Unique Characters - All characters have traits giving them special way of fighting. For example one characters damage increases for every ability they land (resets when it misses), another heals for a small amount when their shield is fully charged. In addition, every character has gear which can enhance certain traits, allowing further refinement.

Skill Variants - Each ability can be levelled up to unlock a variant of it self. This variant is designed to be used in other ways. For example, a mine ability that originally does damage and pushes has a bear trap variant that, instead of pushing, locks the enemy in place.

Gonna Knock You Out - Combat in Blast Out requires a willingness to knock your opponents around - literally. Knock your opponents back into traps, maneuver them in the way of environmental dangers, or knock them toward your friends for killer combos!

Deadly Arenas - The arena itself is more than just a background; it's part of the game. You can you take advantage of terrain and positioning to gain tactical advantage, but beware! A wide array of traps, hazards, and environmental dangers await the unaware.

Unique Ability System - You can design your character's own skill loadouts, and even switch between 4 different loadouts on the fly. The abilities in Blast Out are all about combos, so mastering the synergy between different abilities and their situational usefulness is the key to being unstoppable.