Blazing Core is a team-based shooter where players take control of knights piloting gigantic mechs that are their armor, weapon, and even their noble steed! All of these massive machines are unique and differ in looks and functionality. However, all of them carry inside a core of pulsing energy, without which these battle giants are just heaps of high tech scrap. It is this energy core, this Blazing Core, which gives the game its name, and gives your mech the power to fight in these epic battles.

When you are fighting in the arena, your life depends on how well you can use your mech’s abilities and how good you are at adapting. Well coordinated tactics, right combinations of mechs, and teamwork become the key to success in Blazing Core. The players can customize and upgrade their mechs, unlock new weapons, and tweak their hero according to their individual playstyle.

Blazing Core Key Features

Tactics Matter - The victor is the one who best chooses how to use the skills and abilities at their disposal, not the one with the fastest reflexes.

Play Your Way - Your choice of character doesn't limit what you can do in game. You decide what role to fill within the framework of your team.

Customize Your Mech - Upgrade your weapons, customize your appearance, and deck out your mech in style. These upgrades allow you to fine tune your mech to your individual playstyle!

Teamwork Over All - Run and gun tactics will get you nowhere save the scrap pile. Teams must coordinate if they hope to achieve victory consistently.