Bleach Online is a free to play fantasy MMORPG, based on the setting and characters of the popular Anime and Manga, Bleach. Explore this world and work together with friends old and new to protect yourselves in this strange new world. You awaken after a long injury-induced coma to find yourself in a strange new world, a world you have no memory or knowledge of. In fact, you cannot remember anything! You find your way and make some friends, but along the way, run afoul of those who would do you harm and judge you as outlaws. How will you rescue your friends, and yourself? Get ready for anime action inspired by Bleach in Bleach Online!

Bleach Online Key Features

Original Anime Story - Bleach Online remains very true to the source material, and will delight new and old fans alike. As you travel, you will meet many famed characters, such as Ichigo and Aizen, and fight both alongside and against them. Colorful graphics and delightful animations deepen the anime experience.

Turn Based Combat - Combat in Bleach Online revolves around a formation of characters in a turn-based battle. The characters in your formation fulfil vanguard, assault, and support roles, and placing them in the correct locations, timing abilities well, and using combinations will be the key to success.

Daily Activities - Fight against powerful world bosses every day. Or, enter into a siege war between guilds! Defend the capital city from waves of monsters during Ryoka Attack, and much more! Of course, all of this is in addition to the non-instanced, regular gameplay offered throughout the game.