Bless Unleashed is the visually-stunning PC & Console reboot to Bless Online. Which essentially means that it has taken the best bits of its predecessor and turned it into something even better. The deep and engaging story is amplified by its Unreal 4 engine, rendering the sprawling open world, well-equipped heroes and denizens of monstrous adversaries in glorious graphics. Plus, with a free-to-play but not pay-to-win structure, it is accessible to all who wish to dive into a classic fantasy MMORPG experience.

In Bless Unleashed players face-off against the shadowspawn, who have emerged thanks to the hubris of the human race. As divine powers meddle in mortal affairs, players must call upon their strengths to push back the otherworldly threat. Dungeons, PvP, questing and open-world exploration await in Lumios, a war-torn landscape rife with magic, legends and fortune.

Bless Unleashed Key Features

Dynamic Combat - A skill-based combat system demands quick thinking to gain an advantage. Wreak havoc with a devastating set of combos that grow more sophisticated as players level-up. Dynamic mechanics will require utmost skill through deft combos and dodges. Then keep a hold on the tide of battle with Blessings: powerful skills that can be wielded in the midst of battle. Once mastered, these Blessings will offer powerful passive abilities. So be sure to spend your skill-points wisely.

Diverse Classes & Races - Four races and five classes each with deep-rooted backstories will complement any play-style. Race-restricted classes, such as the Varg-exclusive Berserker, are directly tied to the rich lore of Lumios allowing for interesting role-playing opportunities. The roles of tank, damage-dealer, support, and healer are filled by the Crusader, Berserker, Ranger, Mage, and Priest.

Dungeons and Bosses - Myriad dungeons are scattered across Lumios, ready to unravel its mysteries and bestow lucrative rewards. Towering bosses pose the final hurdle for players to defeat. Whether in pairs or a group of five, players must work together to overcome the toughest challenges in the furthest depths of each dungeon, or the skill-testing arenas.

PvP Elements - Upon reaching level 30, players can engage in PvP. While in the open world, players can choose to attack others. But beware of the cost. The honor system works to penalise those who attack too freely and reward those who fight back. Attacking other players too often will result in infamy, barring aggressive players from joining groups or entering large cities without being attacked by its guards.