Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics is a free to play mobile game that lets you lead an 8 unit squad of warriors, vehicles, and heroes into fast paced tactical battles. The composition of your squad is one of the biggest decisions you face! Will you build a team of elite, fast moving warriors to strike at an enemy's flanks? Or will you place all your eggs into a few heavily armored baskets, and go right up the middle? The options are nearly infinite, and the challenge and fun are endless. Do well on the battlefield and High Command will reward you, sending special powerups and reinforcements over to bolster your forces. If you like tactics games, give Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics a peek.

Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics Key Features

Build Your Squad - A roster of dozens of heroes and power ups await. From this roster, you must build an 8 unit team of heroes and vehicles to overcome your foes. Will you follow a particular theme, or choose your favorites?

Tactical Battles - Enter battles where timing and positioning are key to success. Use power ups, deploy your units at the perfect time, and sweep your enemies from the field. A quick wit and a solid team are both critical to winning.

Friends And Rivals - Join a Faction and fight alongside your friends. You can even receive gifts and donations from Faction members to help you on your way. Fight against other players from around the world, and climb the ladder to the top.