Blitzkrieg 3 is a buy to play massively multiplayer military real time strategy game where players step into the shoes of military commanders fighting the largest war the world has ever known, World War 2. Choose your side, and fight battles and campaigns against players from all over the world! Strengthen your position and expand your base to upgrade your equipment and gain an edge, and sweep your opponents from the field. Blitzkrieg three offers stunning graphics, exciting real time play, and focuses on actual strategy and tactics; in battles in Blitzkrieg 3, one side is attacking, and the other defending, just like in most real battles. Do you have what it takes to secure victory in the largest war in history?

Blitzkrieg 3 Key Features

Exciting Multiplayer - Players can challenge opponents from all over the world, and battle it out on the virtual, multiplayer front lines. The single shared server ensures you will never lack for opponents, so prepare your forces for the assault... or defense!

Three Playable Factions - Players in Blitzkrieg 3 may play as the Axis, the Allies, or the USSR, each with different strengths and weaknesses and unique units and vehicles. The commander you select to play will further direct your strategic options; take control of Montgomery, Patton, Zhukov, and others, and see if you can do as well as they did

Singleplayer Campaign - An extensive single player campaign which covers the bulk of World War 2, from the invasion of Poland to the fall of Berlin, places you in command of the three major powers at various times and places throughout World War 2. Players in Blitzkrieg 3 can even win extra rewards for stunning victories!

Buy Once, Play Forever - There are no hidden fees or cash shops, no microtransactions or hidden fees. You buy the game and play the game, in its entirety. Period.