Block Sport is a team based PvP action arena brawler which puts you in control of a player and gladiator in the universe's most savage ball game. Step into the metallic shoes of a robotic warrior clad in energized body armor and wait for the game to begin! The core of the game is simple; your team must move the ball down the field and score more goals than the opposing team. Along the way, you will have loads of opportunities to destroy your opponents in a wide array of ways. To survive, you must outmaneuver and outfight your opponents, feed on their body parts, and work together with your teammates. If you like sports games / battle arena hybrids, Block Sport may be for you!

Block Sport Key Features

Choose Your Class - Block Sport's robot gladiators come in a variety of types, each with unique skills and strengths. A solid team makeup will contain classes which support and enhance one another, so pick wisely.

Move The Ball - Control the speed, power, and direction you kick the ball with and keep your eyes on the prize. Kick the ball hard enough to break the goal shield, and even if you miss, maybe it will take out an opponent!

Play As A Team - The intense 10 player team matches reward solid teamwork. You can impact the ball's position and movement with your magnet, pass to your teammates, and work together to outmaneuver the enemy team.

Combat Intensified - As you get damaged, you will see your armor degrading and bits falling off. Launch powerful combo attacks to neutralize enemies, and then steal or salvage bits of their bodies to regenerate damage!