Blocked and Loaded is an action-packed fantasy MMO with simple block-based graphics, but featuring gameplay that is anything but simple and blocky. You step into the blocky shoes of someone who should be dead, but survived. You alone survived the horrific battle, and you must now return to Hope City and the service of the king. Soon, you'll be back in the fight, killing legions of unholy enemies for glory and loot... mostly the loot.

Gather loot and weapons as you defeat enemies and explore, using your newfound arms and gadgets to overcome yet tougher foes. If slaughtering endless hordes of monsters gets stale, fear not; you can always enter the arena and slaughter your friends instead. Or, if you like having friends, maybe you can team up and fight against bosses. The world of Blocked and Loaded is cool like that.

Blocked And Loaded Key Features

Loads Of Loot - As you defeat enemies you'll get new weapons, armor, gadgets, and goodies. These items come with some decisions, however. Should you wear the chain mail with 5% thorns damage, 3% chance to resurrect, and 8% life regeneration? Or maybe the cracked breastplate with half the armor but 15% movement speed?

Action Abounds - Facing off against monsters in the world is but one facet of the action you'll find in Blocked and Loaded. You can PvP in the arena, face off against terrible bosses (with fantastic loot), and in general, kill things and take their stuff. Who doesn't like stuff?

Non-Killing Activities - There are loads of activities for players who wish a break from killing thing and taking their stuff. When you're not pillaging the countryside consider participating in a friendly game of soccer or perhaps discussing your victories over a pint at the tavern.