Blood Bowl 2 is an intense strategy game experience which smashes Warhammer Fantasy and American football together into one unforgettable whole. Blood Bowl 2 is the sequel to the video game adaptation of Games Workshop's classic tabletop game Blood Bowl. Gamers can expect turn-based strategy gameplay mixed with brutality and more than a bit of humor as you lead your team down the field. Play solo or multiplayer and take to the field as your favorite Warhammer Fantasy race. Use strategy, cunning, and more than a bit of aggression to overcome your opponent's defenses and stop their offense in its tracks. Will your team be the champions in the bloodiest football game of all time?

Blood Bowl 2 Key Features

Choose Your Race - Play as a wide array of Warhammer Fantasy races, from dwarves to high elves to orcs to skaven, and many many more! Every race has unique strengths and weaknesses, and will shape your strategic options.

Build Your Dream Team - As you play you will develop your team, gaining XP and unlocking new skills. Use the Transfer Market to buy and sell your players, and build your Blood Bowl dream-team!

Legendary Gameplay - Expand your Blood Bowl 2 game options by adding numerous races, content, and more via the veritable horde of DLCs available. Or, purchase the new Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition, and get them all at once!