Blood Crown, also known as Blood Crown: Vampires Vs. Werewolves, is a free to play vampire vs werewolves dark fantasy MMO, set in 14th Century Europe. Europe has been devastated from the effects of the “Black Death” plague, and over 50% of the population vanished as if almost overnight. Meanwhile, the Vampires and Werewolves saw this as an opportunity to rise from the shadows of society and into the light of domination after living in secrecy among the humans for centuries. Now both factions are looking to dominate all of Europe, waging war over territories and conquering the shrinking Human population. Each hoping to enslave the Humans. Amidst the chaos, famine and despair, the Humans prepare to fight for their survival and to persevere through these dark ages. The time has come to choose your faction! Will you pledge your allegiance to the Vampires by enslaving the humans? Or will you help the Werewolves by forcing the extinction of the humans through extermination? Or will you defend the humans down to the very last breath with your cold steel sword?

Blood Crown Key Features

Expand your Cities – Build your castle, claim your throne and grow your Empire.

Amass an Army – Train troops and recruit heroes to fight for the glory of your Capital.

Reap the Spoils of War – Loot items that imbue you and your City with exceptional abilities and power.

Form Powerful Guilds – Join Forces with your fellow creatures and factions and dominate the lands.