Bloody Roads: California is a free to play browser and mobile based strategy game where you found and manage your own outlaw biker gang. Ride around and terrorize the streets in your neighborhood, bringing your turf under your control. Running a successful motorcycle gang and crime syndicate is about more than just the open road for those bikers who love freedom as well as power, and you no doubt seek both. From the humblest of beginnings - you've just gotten out of jail - you have the opportunity to build a criminal empire. Earn money to buy new bikes and to hire more thugs. Manage your territory and defend whats yours from other players. But beware; the cops are everywhere!

Bloody Roads: California Key Features

Rule The Roads - Manage your empire and expand your sphere of influence. The more turf you can pacify and hold, the more power you have and money you make!

The Outlaw Way - Fire up your hawg and experience the life of a modern day outlaw. Forge a trail from the prison yard to the peak of power in the criminal underworld!

No Rest For The Wicked - Sometimes you'll have to defend what's yours, or you'll just want to take what's someone else's. Battle it out against other players for power and turf, just watch out for the cops - or bribe them.