Blue Mars is a virtual world and MMORPG client which allows players to create, edit, and interact within vast, complex, immersive virtual worlds. The Blue Mars client is your window into this incredible free to play massively multiplayer virtual world made up of an expanding set of independently operated Cities that feature unique themes, activities, and attractions. Users can participate in a wide variety of entertainment, educational, and productivity experiences. You can interact with people from all over the world in virtual worlds spanning virtually every imaginable setting, and meet new friends! Whether you want to create or explore, learn or relax, or make new friends, Blue Mars provides the means to do it all in ways you've never dreamed of!

Blue Mars Key Features

Play - Step into this free to play, vast, and immersive virtual sandbox world, explore the cities, and find your place; what will you do?

Create - Use the Blue Mars Editor to create content offline, and then import it into the online experience. Define spaces and items, create interactive experiences, and more! What will you build?

Manage - Message your friends and manage your account through, and keep on top of the changes and dynamics of this vast world.

Experience - The advanced server network seamlessly incorporates new content into the world of Blue Mars, and manages the items, user locations, and more effortlessly for thousands of users in one space at a time.