Blue Protocol is a 2023 free-to-play MMORPG developed in Japan. It is the product of two giants of the gaming industry, one old and one new: Bandai Namco and Amazon Games.

Following the worldwide success of Breath of the Wild and later Genshin Impact, Blue Protocol is one of multiple anime-inspired RPGs with a similarly vibrant art style trying to capture the hearts of gamers in the MMO space.

While more will indubitably be released, current classes include the Twin Striker - a barbarian class naturally dual-wielding hatchets; the Keen Strider (aka Blast Archer) - an elemental ranger-style class wielding a bow; the Foe Breaker (aka Heavy Smasher) a DPS/tank class with a huge hammer; the Spell Weaver (aka Spellcaster) with largely ranged elemental spells; and the Aegis Fighter (aka Blade Warden) who takes the role of the traditional sword and shield melee class.