Boltus is game that delivers a new twist on both MOBAs and pinball simulations, by mixing the two into a single fast-paced action-packed entity. Players in Boltus will step into the story of an ancient space-faring civilization whose defenses have outpaced their offenses; energy based weapons have become ineffective, and now the only thing which can get past their shields are heavy metal spheres. Warring factions now squabble for control of this civilization, battling one another with the aforementioned spheres. Can you step into the shoes of a warrior in one of these warring factions, bring your opponents to their knees, and claim the throne?

Boltus Game Features

Pinball Mechanics, Modern MOBA - Players in Boltus have to capture their opponent's base, the same as in most MOBAs; however, the difference lies in the fact that instead of using a team of heroes and minions, you use a steel ball! You must convert your opponent's bumpers to win! Gain skills and powerups by hitting certain targets and completing objectives!

Single Player And Co-Op Campaigns - Players can play through the story mode in Boltus either alone or with friends, completing both puzzle and action focused levels and a story told through the game’s atmosphere, backgrounds, visual cues, and scattered clues.

Multiplayer Arena Vs. Mode - The ultimate challenge is, of course, PvP; do you have what it takes to claim your opponent's base in this unique MOBA?