Boundless, formerly known as Oort Online, is a massively multiplayer sci-fi sandbox game set in a connected universe of epic proportions and unexplainable history, once dominated by a long extinct race, The Oort. The universe is vast and disparate. Every world is uniquely different, yet somehow they share common artifacts. Grandiose temples and monuments containing ancient technology exist simultaneously and inexplicably across all worlds. By harnessing artifacts left behind, you people have created portals between worlds. Long after the time of The Oort, all species of the universe live, build, trade and fight together. The universe is yours to explore!

Whether you are a seasoned hunter, a weathered explorer, a master builder, a shrewd trader or a natural born fighter, there is a place for you in the massive open-world sandbox universe of Boundless. Watch the sunrise on one world before hunting down epic Titans on another. Mine, trade or fight Protectors for resources and search for elusive Oort technology. Build a shop and trade your treasures, create amazing sandbox contraptions, hunt for Titans, sell your services, claim land, see the worlds, open a Portal and expand your reach across the universe. Create your citizen, define your role, make your mark, become Boundless.

Boundless Key Features

An Epic Open Universe - Explore the land, explore the world, explore the entire, ever-expanding Boundless universe filled with amazing worlds and bizarre creatures. Mine deep underground, climb majestic peaks, discover mysterious abandoned ruins, search far and wide for the rarest crafting materials on your own or with your friends in an epic adventure.

Limitless Interactions - Boundless is a universe populated by real citizens. How you act defines who you are. Go it alone, or find friends and work together to make something amazing discoveries and creations!

Build Your World - A universe of citizens await your creative talents, no creation will go unseen. Build almost anything you can think of. Protect your creations by claiming land using a Beacon. Now it's yours. Build a home to store your possessions and craft your wares. Join forces with your friends to create citizen run cities. You can even build portals to connect your home to your friends', nearby cities, and other places!

Face Ultimate Challenges - Conquer the greatest threat in Boundless. Team up with your friends to take on the ancient Protectors and go to war with impossibly huge Titans. The greatest challenges provide the greatest of rewards!

Persistent Shared Universe - Discover voxels like you’ve never seen before in a single, persistent, online universe running across PS4 and PC. The many worlds of Boundless are procedurally generated and rendered using our custom voxel engine in a single online universe across both PS4 and PC. The worlds of Boundless are brought to life with breathtaking draw distances, advanced level of detail scaling, real-time reflections, HDR lighting, fog, bloom, depth of field, and volumetric lighting.