Bounty Bay Online is a 3D, free to play nautically themed MMORPG set in the 14th to 16th century, which sets players up as pirates and explorers. It is an age of discovery and exploration, and players may set sail alongside the likes of Columbus and da Gama to explore the unknown, seek out untold fortunes, and face down mysterious dangers and sea monsters. Choose a career from one of 5 unique classes, the Merchant, Sailor, Fisherman, Pirate or Adventurer, and embark on a unique journey across the Seven Seas! Uncover the world's ancient civilizations, from the pyramids to lost city of Atlantis as you complete thousands of unique quests and compete in epic Player vs. Player (PvP) combat on land and at sea. In Bounty Bay Online, the players get to write world history!

Bounty Bay Online Key Features

Five Classes - Choose from Royal Military Officer, Caribbean Pirate, Armed Businessman, Treasure Hunter, and Imperial Guardian, each with different stories and playstyles!

Sail The Seas - Choose from five different ships, from heavy sailing warships to swift frigates, and explore the world! You never know what may be awaiting discovery!

PvP - Show your stuff by competing against other players. Prove that you, your ship, and your crew are the toughest, fiercest, and smartest to ever hoist a sail.

Immersive World - From weddings with rich wedding dresses, flowers and parties, to pets, to new locations to explore and discover, the world is immersive and vibrant.