Bounty Hounds Online is a science-fiction Shooter MMORPG featuring stunning graphics and exciting action! Experience a unique battle system with fully customizable CTUs to fight along your squad. An inventive item crafting system allows for numerous enchancements and upgrades to your equipment. Additionally, the PvP combat mode lets you take a break from the story while you battle it out with the community. The world of Clear Sky is now yours to explore! There are a total of 5 distinct classes. They include: Agent (powerful single strike artist with deadly strike attacks), Heavy Gunner (long range assault unit), Chemical Brawler (melee brawler with special device attacks), Engineer (support unit with healing capabilities as well as tactical strikes), and Shock Trooper (fast and balanced frontline fighter).

Bounty Hounds Online Key Features

Immersive World - Explore a vast Sci-fi world filled with adventures and things to do. Marvel at the game's stunning graphics and over the top action

Five Fun Classes - Enjoy the 5 available classes, each with their own perks and unique playstyle; will you be an unpredictable Chemical Brawler, or a tough Shock Trooper?

PvP and PvE - Play through the game's immersive PvE, or take a break from the story and enter the game's PVP combat mode, where you will be paired with and against other players from the community.

Choose Your Side - Pick your own faction and fight for victory!