Brain / Out is a free to play multiplayer 2D shooter with a nostalgic feel and graphics, where players step into the shoes of a mercenary warrior. In a forgotten former Soviet Republic, mercenaries fight to prove their skill, for the thrill of the fight, and for the cold hard cash! Experience dynamic battles and exterminate your enemies with a large arsenal of modern weaponry. Choose your loadout from a vast array of both NATO and former Warsaw Pack gear. Modify your gear to increase its deadly efficiency. The better you do, the better you and your weapons become! Can you climb to the top of the ladder?

Brain / Out Key Features

Know Your Enemy - Mercenaries and Marauders fight not for the ideals of their country or society, but for cash. Stay alive and earn money with every kill — the only driving force of this conflict taking place at a former Soviet republic.

No Pay To Win - It doesn’t matter how well your enemy is equipped — a skilled fighter will always have a chance to win. You can change the outcome of any fight without a single round fired — take out your knife and bring the opposition to their knees.

Modify Your Weaponry - Improve your weapon stats and upgrade the level of your favorite weapons with different parts — scopes, handles, barrels, receivers, mounts and bars. Collect and disassemble trophies to get new parts and improve your Tech level.

Loads Of Gear - Use special equipment to survive a bit longer. Bulletproof vests and helmets, stun and frag grenades, under-barrel grenade launchers, anti-personnel mines and more. The better you fight, the more weapons you get! Get into the top 100 and receive a unique weapon set!