Breach is a third person action RPG with fast paced combat, set in a world where modern day Earth and a dark mythological Earth collide. You begin by creating your own character and choosing from dozens of classes, choosing their appearance, and so on. Once your character is created, it's time to accept your first mission and set out for a life of action and adventure. Fight your way through an array of mythological monsters, and eventually reach the big bad boss monster itself. Along the way, the Veil Demon will do everything in its power to hinder your progress, so be careful! Design your perfect character, gear them up, and take on a bunch of demons and monsters, and enjoy a game that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Breach Key Features

Create Your Character - Choose from dozens of classes from snipers to healers, and hen refine them further with endless customization options. You can also freely change classes between battles if the need arises. You can create exactly the character you want to play.

Take On The Challenge - Take your character on missions across the globe in Solo, Co-op, or Versus modes, and fight against monsters invading Earth! You can loot new weapons and gear and even discover new classes. Or, play in a custom mode, and take on the role of one of the demons themselves.

Defeat The Darkness - The Veil Demon will do everything it can to foil your missions, from possessing and controlling monsters along the way to opening breaches to a parallel Earth full of environmental dangers. Overcome everything the Veil Demon can dish out and save the world.