Breakaway is a Team Battle Sport that delivers fast action, competition, and teamwork. The rules are simple: work with your team to seize the Relic, then move it into your opponent’s base to score! Two teams of four face off against one another, with each member of the team having unique abilities to help their side win. During the game, your characters can build structures, helping you defend your territory and get further into the enemy's. Your team must use teamwork, tactics, and all the tools available if they hope to win consistently. Now get into the fight!

Breakaway Key Features

Fast Action - Compete in four-minute rounds of exhilarating action. The first team to three points wins. Score by moving the Relic into your opponents’ base or defeating every member of the opposing team!

Dream Team - Choose from a growing roster of characters, each with unique skills and strategies. Chain melee combos as Spartacus, snipe from afar as Anne Bonny, and nuke your enemies as Hugo Frankenstein!

Build It, Use It - Each warrior summons unique Buildables that can alter the pace of combat, or reshape the arena. Use catapults, sun shrines, desolation hammers, and much more!

Made For Twitch - Take your broadcasts to the next level by communicating with followers through Broadcaster Spotlight and streaming custom real-time stats with Metastream. Don’t just win the match; win the crowd.