Buildanauts is a building game by DBolical Pty Ltd. In Buildanauts, players play as the foreman, the city planner, and the mayor of the town of your dreams. Plan your town, then bring it to life with the help of your construction crew. Build a town that your townsfolk, the Buildanites, will be proud to call home! Ever dreamed of putting on a hard hat and driving an excavator through a busy construction site? Now you can! Buildanauts is a fun construction game for industrious boys and girls of all ages that allows you to survey, design, build, and manage your very own town. In Buildanauts, you’re the city planner, foreman, and mayor of a town you’ll build from the ground up.

NOTE: Buildanauts is still available on Steam as of January 2017, butt the game's website and Facebook page have been taken down, and development abandoned.

Buildanauts Key Features

Explore - Survey a vast open landscape just waiting for your construction crew. Jump in an excavator and dig the terrain, or run around with a shovel looking for resources.

Design - Shape your structures by choosing paint colors, textures, details, and building material. Then, assign tasks to your skilled construction workers and watch them turn your vision into a reality!

Build - Build your town from the ground up just the way you want it! Use a fleet of heavy vehicles and a variety of construction tools to place city props, lay down roads, and much, much more.

Manage - Keep your resident Buildanites happy! Attract more townsfolk by keeping your town in top shape, but be careful: too much neglect and your Buildanites will move out!