Burst is a free to play shooter where you step into the shoes of a soldier fighting for democracy and peace in an apocalyptic world. Five years ago a powerful terrorist organization, known as Burst, began to attack the government, internet, infrastructure, and more, and the world descended into anarchy. Small groups of warriors resisted, fighting to restore order and democracy to the world, and you are one of them. In order to consistently defeat your opponents, you must use strategy and communication. Enjoy free to play freedom mixed with immersive gameplay, challenge all of your friends, and get ready for intense shooter action. Shoot 'em up and save the world!

Burst Key Features

Fight For Freedom - Use tactics, teamwork, and overwhelming firepower to mow down your enemies. The fate of the world depends on you and your comrades; can you defeat the terrorists?

Strategy And Communication - You'll need more than run and gun skills in Burst. You and your teammates must coordinate movements and attacks. Communication is key!

Free Action - Burst is completely free to play, so getting your friends into the game is simple. Play alongside or against old friends, or make completely new ones during your time online.