Cabal Online is a free-to-play Fantasy MMORPG that features an innovative real-time combat system that allows you to attack using a wide variety of combos unique to your character and style. Create a character and set off for adventure in this vast and immersive world. undertake quests, and grow your character with a unique skill based combo and progression system. Explore deep dungeons with friends, and overcome the challenges they present to recover the lost treasures they conceal. If PvP is more your flavor, Cabal Online offers a custom PvP arena where you can enter matches ranging from 2v2 type strategic matchups up to 7v7 team battles; you can even place bets, and literally put your money where your mouth is!

Non-stop hack-and slash action in Cabal Online

Choose Your Class. - Cabal Online offers 6 individual classes; the Warrior, Blader, Wizard, Force Archer, Force Shielder, and the Force Blader. Every profession offers unique skills and gameplay.

Immersive World - Cabal Online's numerous intriguing quests and exciting missions really absorbs the player into the game, they truly become a part of the story where they become the heroes. Complete hundreds of quests and adventure in a wide variety of environments and landscapes that range from dense jungle thickets to open ice tundras.

Easy To Learn, Hard To Master - Intuitive and user-friendly controls will provide the player with easy to learn, fun and exciting combat. Time limited dungeons, blazing action scenes, challenging puzzles and traps will demand the most from players of all skill levels.