Cabals: Card Blitz is a free-to-play, fast-paced, deck building collectible card game with with some unusual features for iOS and PC. You can merge two cards to create a new card, play in on or offline modes, and more. In Cabals: Card Blitz you lead a team of heroes through an inter-dimensional portal to the world of Aea, a strange land of occult magic and steampunk-inspired technology. Your task is to discover powerful cards, build your deck, and enter battle with the sinister creatures of Aea. During your adventure you will engage in a challenging loop of battling new enemies, developing fresh tactics, evolving your cards and re-tuning your decks to achieve victory.

Cabals: Card Blitz Key Features

Deck Building Is Paramount - This is a card game with a twist; your cards are selected and played for you. Your deck must be both strong and consistent, and not too combo dependent. Your deck can even defend itself in PvP when you're not even online!

Evolve And Upgrade Cards - As you collect more cards you’ll use the Anvil to evolve them, creating more powerful versions of your cards. And once you’ve unlocked card fusion, your options expand dramatically, with super powerful new cards to be forged by combining old cards.

Single And Multi Player - Cabals: Card Blitz delivers a rich, single-player adventure mode alongside an instant multiplayer mode. Whether you want to focus on exploring Aea and discovering new cards, or taking on other players in PvP battles, is entirely up to you.