Call of Alliance is a real-time fantasy MMORPG that transports players to ancient continents and challenges them to create their own legend. As the ultimate battle between good and evil spills onto earth, players must embark on an epic journey through a vast and varied world brought to life with stunning, hand-painted scenery. The free-to-play browser game boasts an array of innovative gameplay modes, featuring over 20 meticulously designed instances, regular daily events and a plethora of breathtaking multi-party PVP modes. In this game, players can combine skills freely, enhance equipment, ride on cool mounts, join adventures with maids and goddesses. The game contains various innovative gameplay modes; over 20 carefully designed instances and events, and breathtaking PVP battles that involve 3 parties.

Call of Alliance Key Features

Free to Play - A lot of fun to be found in this free to play model, and as it is browser based, you can log in and play anytime, anywhere!

Art - Breathtaking hand-drawn visuals. A stunning fantasy setting and beautiful fantasy characters

It Has It All - With challenging multi-party systems and exciting PvP modes, Call of Alliance offers something for everyone!

Many well designed instances - Over 20 handcrafted instances. Explore them all and unlock their secrets!

Be Who You Want To Be - Play as Mia, Human, Elf, Dwarf, Harpit, Treant, or Orc, and set off to tell your story and shape your legacy!

Make It Your Own - Customize your armor, weapons and gear. Go on adventure with your mounts and level up your skills!