Currently exclusive to China, Call of Duty Online (or CODOL) is a free to play online MMO shooter with intense multiplayer shooter action for everyone. Call of Duty Online recreates maps and weapons from the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series to allow for a multiplayer only arena style shooter. With additional customization options exclusively available to Call of Duty Online, the stakes have been raised higher than ever! Kit yourself out with the best guns and gear, and prepare to take on all comers in an FPS shooter extravaganza. Whether you like to run n gun, to spot and stalk, to snipe, or to play support, there's plenty of chances to indulge.

Call Of Duty Online Key Features

Legacy Of Greatness - With gameplay, maps, and weapons derived from Modern Warfare and Black Ops series games, Call of Duty Online boasts an MMOFPS pedigree that's hard to match!

Tons Of Guns - Loads of guns, modifications, and skins await. The perfect weapon to suit every playstyle can be found in the game. Further gear and equipment strengthens your character in your chosen role.

Arena MMO Shooter Fun - Play with your friends old and new and use teamwork and tactics to defeat your enemy. Or, challenge your friends and show once and for all whose twitch skills are best.