Call of Champions brings a knock down, drag out fantasy MOBA experience to your mobile device! No item shops, no minions, just a five minute brawl where tactics matter, and where the timely use of a power up can instantly change the flow of a battle! In Call of Champions, you pick your champions, assign their talents, and then fight against players from around the world. Call of Champions immerses you in an strategy battle experience that takes place outside of time, where the champions under your control compete to take the place of a fallen war god!

Call of Champions Key Features

No Crutches, Just Combat - With no minions, no item shop, and a minimum of fiddly game mechanics, Call of Champions is designed with a single purpose in mind; combat. You win by winning.

An All Star Cast - Choose your champions from a varied cast of powerful characters! From the searing flames of Cinder to the mighty axe of Bjorn, the plethora of characters and combat styles offers a choice for every taste! Each champion has a fully customizable skill tree, and an intelligent AI that takes over control in the event you simply must take a call or send a text

Leave Nothing Standing - Seize control of the mystical Orb of Death, and use it to pummel through the enemies' defenses and destroy their base!