Call of Gods is a 2D/3D Fantasy MMORPG and Simulation Game / SLG Hybrid that offers a beautifully rendered fantasy world, 3 unique races and an active and progressive story. Call of Gods blends two traditional genres together to create a MMO like no other; manage resources, upgrade units and recruit heroes in true MMORTS style, then explore dungeons, upgrade your gear and team up with other players for a full MMORPG experience. During a war between the gods, heroes emerge who realize that they are no match for the gods directly, but who learn to lead kingdoms and command armies that are capable of changing the fate of the land. When the Gods call, how will you answer?

Call of Gods Key Features

Free To Play - The browser based model is both engaging and free to play; the lack of a download or dedicated game client means you can play anytime, anywhere!

MMORPG - Enter dungeons and explore new areas with friends, level up, and obtain powerful equipment and weapons, much like in a traditional MMORPG.

MMORTS - Build a kingdom, manage resources, and train your units to fight; no single hero can hope to change the fate of the world, but a hero leading a well trained army just might!