Call of Guardians is a free to play mobile hybrid of MOBA, collectible card game, and RPG, with a focus on strategy, character development, and lore. Players can choose a hero, known in game as a Guardian, from one of three factions; the deathbringing Plague, the stalward Guard, or the feral and primal Wild. While all of these Guardians is powerful in their own right with many tricks and abilities to use, the strategic depth is just getting started. Once players have chosen a faction, they may then assemble a collection, a "deck", of powerful minions and beasts, structures, and spells to aid their Guardian in battle. Choose your hero, build your guardian, and head off into battle!

Call Of Guardians Key Features

Powerful Guardians - Will you be drawn to resolute Commander Magnus, the wilderness shaman Vianna, or the powerful sorceress-queen Delilah? Each hero has a wide array of weapons and powers to use to crush your foes!

Build Your Deck - Build a deck focused around three factions and 12 different heroes, and plug any potential weaknesses in your strategy. A well built deck and a well used Guardian are a recipe for success.

Intense Multiplayer Action - Players can face off against opponents of their own skill level and duel it out in fun, fast-paced matches. The multiplayer PvP experience is at the core of Call of Guardians.

Rewarding PvE Missions - Call of Guardians gives players unique daily missions to fulfill goals and embark on captivating adventures. Learn all about the factions, the characters, and the story of the world.