Call of Thrones is a beautiful 3D browser MMORPG full of intense action! Battlefields, flashy weapons, crazy mounts, and great victories! All these are in the 5 stars free online game - Call of Thrones! A 3D ARPG that enables players to explore their own destiny while conquering territory and gaining new powers. The game's 3D visuals and music resemble client-based titles and offer players the best graphics and smoothest gameplay. In addition with detailed character customization and trade specialization systems, players direct the path of their heroes to win a war for their kingdom.

Call of Thrones Key Features

Skill System: Skill system adds depth to character development and enhances their specializations. You can create the type of character which suits your preferences and playstyle with ease.

Fate System: Fate can increase your character attributes and bring you different combat effect. Fate is fickle, but powerful, and a wise warrior pays close attention to her whims.

Title system: Different titles can let you get different legendary weapons by finishing the title promotion quests. In turn these weapons will enable you to overcome tougher foes!

Quest System: This system offers three types of quests: main quests, sideline quests and daily quests. Each quest offers different challenges, different types of rewards, but they're all fun!