CLR: Cannons Lasers Rockets is a fast-paced, easy to learn, bright and colorful multiplayer spaceship based MOBA which allows players to step into powerful starships and blast away at one another with Cannons, Lasers, and Rockets! Enjoy the fast paced sci-fi combat as you roll, dive, turn, and shoot your way to ultimate victory in your favorite class of starship. With an arcade look and a light-hearted feel, CLR is a game for all players, whether hardcore veteran or complete amateur! The design premise of CLR is simple and straightforward; space combat should be easy, interesting, and fun! What are you waiting for?

NOTE: As of February 2018, the homepage for Cannons Lasers Rockets is offline, and the game seems to have been abandoned.

CLR: Cannons Lasers Rockets Key Features

Easy To Learn, Hard To Master - Simplified WASD controls and straightforward gameplay welcome new players, but the world of tactical possibilities and sheer skill involved will challenge MOBA and flight sim vets alike!

Myriad Starships - With hundreds of ships and an even greater number of modules and upgrades, every player can find the ship that is best for them!

Cross-Platform Multiplayer - Engage in co-op PvP battles with up to 10 ships on a team, or enter Clan-based PvP with up to 50 ships on one map at a time! Can you overcome the chaos of combat to win?

Claim The Glory - Steam based leaderboards keep track of pilots and their skills, and just might get you bragging rights. Can you climb to the top?