CardLife is an online multiplayer survival game set in a cardboard science fantasy world filled with all manner of dragons, mechs, dinosaurs, lasers, and more! Play alone or with other players and explore a fully editable, hand-crafted world, where everything is made of virtual cardboard. As you explore the world, you'll meet loads of fantastic creatures and discover fascinating places, but that's only the tip of the cardboard iceberg. in CardLife, players can construct nearly anything they can imagine by creating custom shapes out of cardboard which slot together to build something new! From tools and vehicles to creatures and buildings, you can build nearly anything you can imagine.

CardLife Key Features

Survive At All Costs - Hunger, thirst, heat, cold, enemies - all of these factors are working against you. You need to be crafty (no pun intended) to survive!

Play Your Way - Play in multiplayer PvE or PvP servers, or in private servers with just a few friends. You can even create your very own server and adventure alone.

Create Your Own Magic - Explore and hunt down magical creatures and use their remains to create your own unique spells!

Craft It All - Use simple connect the dots mechanics to create virtually anything, from structures to creature companions to multi-manned vehicles!

Wonderful Setting - Explore a vast cardboard world with biomes ranging from the frozen arctic to lush jungles and steaming deserts. This fantastic world offers loads to discover.

Customize And Grow - Equip the Souls of fallen Golden’ creatures to enhance your own stats. Use different combinations of Golden Souls to create powerful character builds.